Keeping Up With Your Skills

Many new moms contemplate the idea of becoming a stay-at-home mom rather than stay in the workplace. Many moms like the idea of staying home, but returning to work once their kids are a little older. Joining the workforce after some time away can be a tough thing to do. You want to make sure you’re keeping up with your skills so you don’t lose them by the time you return or begin looking for a job.

A few ways to stay involved in the workplace:

  1. Keep up with your skills. Continue to work on your skills while you’re at home as much as possible. Take some online courses, listen to podcasts, continue using your craft so you stay familiar with it. 

  2. Stay in touch with work colleagues. You'll want this for networking, future openings, referrals, etc.
  3. Volunteer. Volunteer as much as you can, and be strategic about it. This is a great thing to put on your resume, so it doesn’t appear as though you’ve done nothing while away from the workforce.

  4. Consider seeking part-time work. Even if you’re working from home part-time, your resume won’t have any gaps and you’ll easily be able to keep up with your skills.

  5. Have a plan. It’s hard to predict just how long you’ll be out of the workforce, but you need a plan for the time in between. Know when you’re going to want to return to work, and make sure you’re prepared when that time comes.

Take some online courses, listen to podcasts, continue using your craft.

It IS possible for a mom to stay at home and continue to network and keep up with her skills. Just use the tips above, and enjoy this time. Let us know if you need help finding some part-time work while at home. This is one of our specialties!