Writing the Perfect Job Description

Once you’ve decided it’s time to hire a new position, you need to sit down and write out a solid job description. This job description serves a few purposes, but most importantly, it attracts job seekers and shares information about the job with them.

There’s a lot that can go into a job description, and it can be overwhelming when you’re starting from scratch. You want to be sure to include everything as well as attract great job candidates.

The goal is to use your job description to attract the right candidates - the ones that you’re looking for.

Your job description should include:

  1. Job Title and Quick Summary or Overall Statement

  2. Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  3. Skills Required

  4. Description of How this Role Relates to Others

  5. Company Overview

  6. Type of Employment and Hours

  7. Any Travel that will be Required

  8. Contact Information

After you have this information included in the job description, you want to make your job description attractive. Including the right information helps you attract the right candidates, but spicing it up a bit can help you attract the perfect candidate you’re looking for. This is what’s going to separate your position from others like it for candidates.

A few things to think about when writing your job description:

  1. Keep it short and specific. Use bullets when possible. You don’t need to include every last detail, but do be sure to include everything a job seeker would need to know before applying.

  2. Preferred vs Required Skills. There’s a difference and it should be displayed throughout the job description. What do you need the candidates to have no matter what, and what would you be flexible on?

  3. Make it look nice. This might seem obvious, but many people only think about the necessities when it comes to writing a job description. Be sure to include your logo and graphics to brighten up the page. Give it a neat and clear format and always include proper spelling. You’re trying to win candidates over as much as they’re trying to win you over.

  4. Tone. The tone throughout your job description should be true to your company and company culture. Read through it and make sure it doesn’t sound like a boring job post, and ensure it reflects the type of person you are looking for.

  5. Be human and write with personality. The last thing a candidate wants is to read another boring job description. Make sure yours stands out. They’re also looking to work for a human and someone with personality, not a robot. Make sure this is reflected in the job description.


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