Leading Millennials

Did you know that about 40% of the workforce will be millennials by 2020? This recent stat from Forbes should make you stop and think.

There are so many stereotypes about the millennial generation. Some of these include innovation, constant change, feedback, guidance and flexibility. While some of them may be true, there are others that don’t necessarily consider the generation as a whole and are simply stereotypes. However, one thing is true – Millennials are going to be the majority of the workforce and are bringing innovation and a fresh perspective.

How can we learn to adapt and better lead them?

  1. It’s important to understand how to improve your communication. How often are you providing feedback to your employees? Millennials crave that constant feedback. You should also ensure that all of your employees understand “the big picture.” They should know what goals the company is working towards as well as what goals they should each be working towards individually. Millennials or not, it would benefit you and the organization if everyone knew what you were working towards.

  2. Take a look at your culture. What are your values and are they evident in your organization’s culture? Think about your workplace. Is your organization’s culture evident there? Millennials are looking for an organization full of culture, and many times are leaving companies for something with a better cultural experience.

  3. Invest in your employees, especially those Millennials. They are going to take over the workplace soon, and you need to invest in their development as a person and as your employee. Millennials truly care about their development as an employee and are always striving to learn more. Invest in that.

Whether or not your current workplace is full of Millennials, take a step today to be a better leader for this generation.