Know Your Work Style

There are many different personalities and work styles that make up an office. Everyone is different, and knowing your work style when you head to an interview will be important.

A few different work style categories you may fall under:

  1. Doers - You are always focused on executing the next task. It’s all about to-do lists and keeping your head down to finish your work. You’re focused and detailed but can sometimes forget to look around and communicate with others.

  2. Leaders - You inspire others and love to create a vision. You take the lead with projects and ensure everything gets done. However, sometimes you can be detached from others.

  3. Relationship Builders - You thrive in group settings and focus on creating harmonious relationships throughout the office.You are sensitive and empathetic, but don’t always follow through with detailed work.

  4. Learners - You love to research and are always strategic about your day. It’s all about learning more, but sometimes that means a task won’t get done.

It’s important to note that not everyone falls into just one category, and that’s ok. There is usually one work style that sticks out for everyone, and every job requires a different personality.

We always ask for our candidates to take a personality test before they enter the interview part of the process. This gives us a good idea of who they are and who would fit best with the open position. We also take a look at the personalities throughout the office, because it’s usually good to have a mix, depending on the different job titles and positions.

What’s your work style?