5 Questions to Ask Before Starting the Hiring Process

Are you contemplating hiring a new employee for your business? The decision to hire someone new, especially for a brand new position, is not an easy one. This big decision requires a lot of thought and there are many things to consider first.  


A few things you should ask yourself first:


  1. Are you relying heavily on external vendors and contractors?

  2. Is current revenue at or above target and expected to grow?

  3. Are your current employees working more overtime?

  4. What is your growth like?

  5. Are you set up to handle more employees?



Answering the above questions will help you determine where you’re at as a company and if it’s time to hire a new position to help out.


Once you decide it is indeed time to hire, [read our recent post on figuring out if the new employee should be part-time or full-time]. Part-time employees can help out more than you would think, and doesn’t mean they have less experience.

Need some help with the hiring process or even figuring if it’s right for your business? Give us a call! We’d love to help.