What Makes a Great Leader?

Anyone can lead a group of people based on their title, but to see success, it takes more than the name or title of the position. Whether leadership skills come naturally to you or not, there are a few qualities that every great leader possesses. These skills constantly crave improvement, development and work not just for the leader’s benefit, but for those they lead.

What makes a great leader?

1. Communication: Be in constant communication with your team. Interpersonal communication is key. Schedule one-on-ones, meetings, send emails, etc. Be transparent about the organization and your goals. Show your appreciation to your team and the work that they do.

2. Positive Attitude: No matter the situation, always stay positive. Not every day is going to be a walk in the park, but the way you communicate issues and getting around hurdles by offering solutions will inspire others, keeping morale and productivity up.

3. Great Intuition: Trust your instincts when it comes to your work. Be confident in your decisions and those around you.

4. Know your team: Do you really know every member of your team? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What Keep the members of your team close and focused on one goal.

5. Delegate: A great leader knows when to get the job done and when to delegate to others. Micromanagement can lead to a decline in team morale, as this can be a sign that you don’t truly trust your team. A true leader will train and equip their team to handle anything that comes their way. Be there as a resource to offer support, not to suppress.

6. Inspire others: Be passionate about your job and company, and inspire your employees. Set goals along with a vision to reach these goals that are compelling and motivating to your employees.

Whether you’re already in a leadership position, or you aspire to be there one day soon, it’s important to work on the skills above. They are all something we can constantly work to be better at.