The Interview Question You Need to Ask

There are numerous questions asked during job interviews. The standard “tell me about yourself” or “why should I hire you?” questions get asked hundreds of times. Sure, they give you some insight into who the candidate is. But there’s one interview question you probably aren’t asking that you should be.

Why shouldn’t I hire you?

Look for the way the candidate answers this question. Are they honest about it? How do they handle themselves? You want a candidate that is both truthful and humble about their answer. You want someone that’s authentic, and this question will give you the insight you’re looking for.

Rather than asking “what’s your biggest weakness?” and hearing the same answers we’ve all heard (“being too dedicated” or “procrastinating, but getting it done in the final minute”), this is a great alternate. Consider closing out the interview with this question. Does the candidate have the qualities you’re looking for and value as a company?

Depending on the job you are hiring for, you’ll want to ask certain “standard” interview questions. You may also want to ask some that are way out of the box, just to get to know who the candidate is. But this is one question that applies to almost every job, and we think it’s one that you should be asking every candidate.

We’d love to hear from you - What’s your favorite question to ask in an interview?