3 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Did You Know: The number one reason employees choose to stay with their current employer is that they feel valued and appreciated. How do you make sure that happens at your company, especially with your most valuable employees?

You should never assume that your employees know they are appreciated. According to Work.com, 69% of employees worked harder when they felt they were appreciated and 54% of employees would quit working at a company where they didn’t feel appreciated. It’s important to remember that showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated, or even expensive. You just need to make sure you do it.

69% of employees worked harder when they felt they were appreciated.

3 easy ways to show your employees some appreciation and love:

  1. Give your employees physical gifts such as gift cards.

  2. Provide lunch for the office, just because.

  3. Take the team out for some fun team bonding.

You should also regularly tell your employees how much you appreciate them - in meetings when you run into them in the hallway, every Friday, whatever works best for you. Just make sure they know you care.

When was the last time you showed your appreciation?