Here's why your company should consider hiring part-time staff

Cindi Filer, CEO & Owner Innovative Outsourcing

Cindi Filer, CEO & Owner Innovative Outsourcing

Lately, I’ve been hearing from some very reliable sources that businesses need to be planning now for what may be some serious changes in the economy, and I thought that you may be interested in how evaluating your staffing strategy now may help your business weather potential storms on the horizon.

Briefly, here are some key issues I thought you may want to consider, and then I’d be happy to help you think through how your company could benefit by increasing your part-time staffing in an effort to buffer possible economy impact.

Election and market uncertainty –
While no one can with certainty predict how this unprecedented political climate will affect our businesses, we can increase flexible staffing now, so that we can bend rather than break in a possible storm of monetary policy changes or decrease in consumer spending. If you focus on hiring part-time employees, you can increase or decrease hours depending on your revenues and needs.  A 20-hour person can flex up to 30 hours a week, or down to 10.  For example, if you hired two 20-hour per week people as opposed to one full time, their combined hours could go from 20 to 60 instead of just 40 regardless.  This results in COST FLEXIBILITY.

Great full time people getting hard to find
With the Atlanta unemployment rate for professionals this low, you might be scaling the bottom trying to find new full-time employees or to retain your current great full-time staff.  The pool of part-time candidates is still fresh and excellent, making the hiring processes fantastic. Instead competing with the masses for one mediocre full timer, you get could hire two amazing part timers. This results in a BETTER WORKFORCE for your business.

Affordable Care Act –
It is true that you must pay benefits for workers in excess of 30 hours a week.  Part-time workers get their benefits usually from a primary family wage earner and don’t require benefits.  Imagine the savings when you can REDUCE BENEFIT EXPENSE.

Reduce risk –
Innovative Outsourcing offers many staffing options.  If you prefer, we can keep your staff on our payroll until you are ready to make them your permanent employee. Therefore, we take the risk of unemployment insurance.  You just commit to paying for them for the time they have worked.  And nothing else.  You assume LESS FINANCIAL RISK.

Extra set of hands –
Is there an area in your company that could use a new person, but you are unsure if this level of work will continue or if it is truly a full-time requirement?  A part-time person could provide needed relief for your current staff, reducing overtime and pressure of looming tasks.  This results in IMPROVED STAFF MORALE and PRODUCTIVITY.

Let’s get started on this plan together.  For 20 years, we have been the part-time staffing experts, and we can take this initiative and help you run with it today.  We have great part-time people identified and ready for the perfect company like (XYZ company).

  • Bookkeeper
  • Controller
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Assistant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Writer
  • Human Resources Manager

If you need full-time staffing in these ares, we have access to the best candidates for those positions, too.

Instead reacting when we are in the midst of a downturn, let’s work together so your staffing is ready no matter what the next year holds for your business.  If you want to read more about the benefits of hiring part-time staff, here is a good article I recommend.

Please contact me at 404-518-5809 or just send a quick email reply.  Let's schedule a 15-minute call to talk about the next steps.