Results from Vistage Survey of Small Business CEOs

I have had the pleasure of being a Vistage member for over 10 years now. What a great organization it has been for me both personally and professionally.

Each year, Vistage surveys small to medium-sized business owners to find out their projections for the coming year, what concerns they may have, and how they are approaching important decisions for their organizations. The link below will take you to this year’s survey results:

This survey is incredibly interesting as it goes over multiple topics from the economy to upcoming HR concerns. It is also amazing when you realize that most of the things that you are thinking and feeling about your own company concern other CEOs as well.

These questions really caught my eye because of my time in the HR world:

Question 8 – Rate the importance of the following in relation to your talent management challenges.

Result #1 - Employee retention was ranked the most important challenge with 70% of the CEOs selecting that factor as a major concern.

Our solution: Our HR service offering, tHRiving, can come in and assess where you might have gaps in your retention strategy, and we work with you to fix those gaps.

Result #2 - Attracting Qualified Talent was listed by 67% of the CEOs as a major concern.

Our solution: Innovative Outsourcing’s customized recruiting process. 80% of the current talent pool is not looking for a job. It takes a recruiter like us to know where they are and to actively RECRUIT them to your company. We’ll also work with you to create your story – the “why would someone want to work for your company”. This will help you differentiate yourself from other companies and make you a coveted employer.

Question 10 – If retaining existing talent has become more difficult, what are you doing in response?

Result #1 - Improving Company Culture was listed by 68% of CEOs as a desired strategy

Our solution: We can perform a tHRiving Company Culture Audit where we will let you know what is working and what is not within your current organization. The results of this audit can be the important baseline from which you can build a better culture and climate.

Question 12 – Which do you use to measure employee engagement?

Result #1 - One to One meetings was listed by 79% of CEOS as the best way to measure employee engagement.

Our solution: Another HR tHRiving service offering is our One-on-One Employee Meetings. We confidentially conduct one-on-one meetings with 10-15 of your employees. By the end of a short two-day period, you have a clear picture of your current level of employee engagement. We have been doing these for 10 years with HR professionals with over 30 years of experience.

IO can come alongside you in these areas and help relieve some of the struggles you’re experiencing. Reach out to me if you’d like to learn more.