Interview Preparation Checklist


☐ Please visit the company's website prior to your interview.  Formulate a few intelligent questions about the company and position to ask during your interview.  Be prepared to discuss how your skills and experience line up with what they are looking for in the job posting.

☐ Bring a portfolio/pad of paper and pen to your interview with at least one clean copy of your resume to present to each client contact with whom you will be meeting.

☐ Plan to arrive at your interview 10-15 minutes early.  It might even be worth a "test drive" the day before if  you are the least bit unsure of the location.

☐ Please dress in conservative business attire for your interview - an up-to-date raditional suit or professional pants suit with mall, non-distracting jewelry, and no super-high heels.

☐ Review your recruiter's reminders about non-verbal mistakes that can negatively impact your interview.

☐ Focus your conversation on your professional skills and experience.  Do not share excessive personal information with your potential employer or be overly chatty.  Our clients see this as a red flag and feel it is inappropriate in an interview setting. If you have a specific personal situation that you think you will need to share about in order to explain a gap in your resume, a move to a different position, etc. talk with your recruiter about this beforehand so we can discuss the best way to do that.

☐ Never speak badly about a previous boss or employer.  I can assist you in explaining why you left a previous difficult work setting if you need help doing so.

☐ Silence your cell phone and keep it out of sight.  Never look at your phone during the interview.

☐ Please do not discuss your pay or salary requirements.  Should you be offered the position, Innovative Outsourcing will negotiate the salary for you.

☐ After your interview, please email the client contact(s) to express your appreciation for being considered for the position.