Why tHRiving? Because HR Is Not Easy

HR in small to medium-sized companies is always a huge and expensive challenge! I know the compilation of hiring a great staff, complying with current laws and practices, and establishing a culture which keeps your employees happy can be incredibly exhausting. There seems to be no affordable solution for small to medium-sized businesses when it comes to HR.

We know HR, and have been helping companies for over 20 years. We know that focusing on Compliance and Culture often takes a backseat to all the other demands in HR. So let us help you tackle it!

HOW ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Take our 5-minute online assessment, and immediately receive a score that will provide you an immediate Compliance score and a Culture score.

To inquire about tHRiving services, please contact Matt Filer, or call him at 404-259-6449.

Compliance- What is an HR Audit?

Just like an annual physical is important to gauge your overall health, an HR Audit is designed to determine your health as a company.  We start with a questionnaire to determine your current state.  We meet with you to better understand your business and to actually review employee documents such as files, posters, handbooks, etc.  All of this enables us to determine the actions you need to take to be compliant with local, state and federal regulations, to ensure consistency in how you treat your employees, and to become a highly desirable employer.  Bottom line:  A healthy company is a profitable company!

Culture- What is a One-on-One?

We believe that the best way to understand what is going well and what needs attention at a company is by conducting “interviews” between your employees and a third party. We have many years of experience as Human Resource professionals and know how to ask the right questions. We share issues, concerns, and situations of which you may be unaware and do not reveal the source.

Meet your tHRiving Team


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