I-9 and Employee File Audit

Are your I-9 forms updated and correct?   Are you accepting the appropriate documentation? Are you incorrectly copying and storing personal information?  Should you be using e-verify?  What is okay to keep in an employee file and what is not okay?  How long should you keep an employee file and what do you do if an employee asks to see their file?  While it may seem simple, mistakes on the I-9 form and employee files are common and could be costly if faced with an audit.  We will get you on the right track by auditing 7-10 employee I-9's and employee files for best practices on content of employee files as well as offering recommendation on storage and retention rates. 

Employee Handbook

While we strongly recommend an employment attorney to verify your final Employment Handbook, what you really need is guidance to get it to the finish line.  Someone to offer insight and practical tips on what should be included, and what should be left out.  Advice on verbiage of policies, order and professionalism of this very important document without bill rates in excess of $500/per hour.  We will review your current employee handbook and make recommendations for improvements in order to minimize the time you will spend in legal fees and ensure that you have clarity for your team. 

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