Job Descriptions

How do you hire the best?  It all starts with a well written job description.  Structuring and composing job descriptions can feel overwhelming when you are already short-staffed.  In addition to providing tools to you for templates designed to get the best candidates for your job, we will also work with you to create 7 job descriptions for your current or future opportunities.

Interview Questions and Employment Branding 

You've set time aside for an interview, you've selected several candidates to meet, but what is okay to ask?  And what questions do you ask that will assist with selecting the very best team?  We will give you proven techniques designed to save time and money in employee selection.  We will provide information on structuring behavioral questions as well as help you formulate an interview guide for future staff additions. 

New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is an integral part of both retention and employee engagement, yet many organizations waste this critical time through boring or non-existent methods.  We will evaluate your onboarding process and make recommendations for how to kick off your new team member's success and maximize engagement and retention. 

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