Salary Benchmarking

Is your compensation strategy at, below, or equal to your competition?  If you don't know that answer, you are in danger of losing your most valuable competitive edge - your team.  We will survey the market for 5-7 of your current or new positions and make recommendations for potential changes to your compensation strategy.

Reward and Recognition Programs

Do you want to have a culture of gratitude and appreciation where employees feel valued and that their great results are rewarded, but aren't sure where to start?  We will evaluate your current rewards and recognition programs, and offer suggestions for implementing proven techniques that fit your budget. 

Stay and Exit Interviews

Are you letting valuable information go out the door with every resignation?  If you don't have a process to obtain Exit Interview feedback you are losing critical insight into what works and what doesn't at the front line.  Even more importantly, do you know why your loyal employees stay and how to continue attracting and retaining engaged employees?  We will design and/or implement 7 Exit and Stay Interviews, and provide a template and process for you to glean this very important inside information.

Why do some teams work together in harmony, while other teams struggle from the beginning?  How can you align your teams in ways to complement, rather than hinder, their natural strengths?  We will administer the personality test that best suits your situation for up to 10 people, discuss the results, and give you valuable information about how to use this information to maximize and align your teams.  Additional administrative fee for the individual test may apply. 

Building Effective Teams through Formal Personality Testing

1 on 1's

Want to know what your employees really think?  Need to get to the bottom of a sudden drop in productivity or turnover concern? Or maybe you want to simply gather valuable insight into what is going well or who your next high potential leaders are. We highly recommend starting with one on ones.  Our HR Professionals will conduct up to 7 confidential conversations with select employees in order to give you information that will transform your organization. 

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