Data shows that companies who focus on their people strategy experience 3.5 times more profit than those who do not. If that is true, what is stopping you from making this a priority?  Do you not have enough time? Do you not have the expertise?  This is where we step in to partner with you by installing solutions in bite size units to help you make your people strategy a priority.

Why tHRiving – Our clients face challenges every day of meeting budgets and goals with limited resources, but also striving to be strategic as well as manage risk.  We meet our clients in the middle of those business requirements by providing an HR Resource designed with their business needs in mind. 

READY TO LEARN MORE? We are excited to partner with you and your tHRiving business.  Please contact Cindi to learn more and get started.

Comply Units

I-9 and Employee File Audit- Ensure that your 1-9's and Employee Files are compliant with federal laws. ­­ Our HR Professionals will audit 7-10 I-9's and Employee Files.

Employee Handbook- Review and Recommendations for your current Handbook to implement best practices.

Hire Units

Job Descriptions- Job Descriptions that get results.  Our HR experts will create up to 7 job descriptions and provide templates for you to use going forward.

Interview Questions and Employment Branding- What to ask and what NOT to ask to find the perfect fit for your team. We will create an interview guide to help.

New Employee Onboarding- Providing an excellent onboarding experience can revolutionize your retention and engagement.  We will evaluate your current process and provide solutions to maximize your results.

Retain Units

Salary Benchmarking- Is your compensation package competitive?  We will benchmark 5-7 of your positions and make recommendations for best results.

Reward and Recognition Programs- Does your team feel appreciated and valued?  We will evaluate your current recognition and reward efforts and make suggestions for creating a culture of gratitude.

Stay and Exit Interviews- If you are not doing stay and exit interviews, you are leaving money and valuable insight on the table.  We will conduct 7 Exit and Stay interviews to get you started.

Building Effective Teams through Formal Personality Testing- Discover the personality profiles of your team, which will allow better communication, management, and team building for your organization.

1 on 1's- We will help you gain valuable inside knowledge into your team by conducting 7 confidential one on ones, and sharing our overall insights to help create an even better culture in your organization

Meet your tHRiving Team


CINDI FILER is founder and president of Innovative Outsourcing, which she started in 1995 after leaving the traditional workforce to raise her children. A dynamic, enterprising woman with tremendous vision... READ MORE


PAM WETMORE has spent her career building the foundational blocks of HR in rapidly growing companies.  Her efforts to establish outstanding culture have led to increased retention rates... READ MORE