Maybe it has been a while since you have needed a resume, or maybe you would like a refresher on interviewing skills. Innovative Outsourcing is here to help!

Getting ready for an interview? Our top recruiters offer advice.  Also refer to our Interview Preparation Checklist and Non-verbal Mistakes Reference.


When you receive a request for a video response to a question, here are some great tips.



IS YOUR RESUME READY? Here are four things to check, and more resume tips and samples are also available here.


  • PERSONAL INFO - Is all your information updated and correct and easily referenced? Double check your email address and phone number.

  • DATES of EMPLOYMENT - This is very important. Don't omit anything.

  • RELEVANT SKILLS - Is it easy to scan your resume and see your qualifications, certifications, strengths? Be honest, but be thorough.

  • VISUALLY APPEALING - Opinions may vary here, but from our experience here are some good guidelines to follow: Chose one clean, modern font, like Helvetica. Use columns whenever possible so that there are never more than 15 words stretching across a line. Choose ONE font enhancer (larger, bold, italic, all-caps) to call out what you want the reader to see at first glance. Avoid graphic shapes, shading, and color that may not scan well or that may distract the reader.

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