Who We Are

Innovative Outsourcing began 20 years ago with one woman who dared to think out of the box about corporate staffing. Cindi Filer, founder and CEO, started Innovative Outsourcing to give small businesses guidance in building their teams.

Through these opportunities, she identified that most businesses don't understand the true need they have. Is it a full-time need or a part-time need? They also don't have a process for finding talent that would fit in the businesses' culture. So she created unique long-term alternative staffing solutions suited for mid-tier and executive level positions to solve the problem.

With Innovative Outsourcing's help, companies can now determine their needs and the types of employees that will succeed best at their company - removing the burden from the CEO, allowing them to do what they do best.

People are seeking work/life balance and want to work in companies where they can use their skills sets, as well as identify a cultural and values fit. Pairing these needs together, she and her team play matchmaker between companies and great talent which ensures long-term mutual benefit. 

Spend your time wisely by hiring us to serve as your recruiter. We’d love to talk to you more about your needs and connect you with your next best hire!