Who We Are

We're a company that seeks to help companies outsource the hard task of recruiting effective part-time and full-time staff. We're experts at finding the talent you need.

What We Do

We assess your needs and provide you with the business-critical staffing you need to succeed by connecting you to highly-qualified professionals seeking to make a commitment to you. 

Why IO?

We've been doing this for a long time, and we're really good at it. We broke the mold on traditional staffing models to offer custom solutions. We're proud to maintain a 98% satisfaction rating among our clients.

Our service is guaranteed, our results are proven.
We double employee tenure.

Once we place a candidate, our people stay an average of 4 years – the typical average is 2.5 years.  

We get to know your workplace.

We get to know what's working and what isn't—what personalities fit in the organization and why other hires have or haven't been successful.

We vet 100+ candidates for each position.

We don't just throw the first resumé we have at the client. Our diligence ensures that the clients get the BEST field of candidates from which to choose.

We are HR people, not sales people.

We know what personalities meld well with others. Our goal is to create a long-lasting hire based on a good cultural and skills fit for your organization.

We treat our candidates exceptionally.

We treat our candidates with exceptional professionalism and care—not just as a resumé. The quality of our candidates ensures that they are committed long-term. 

3 Easy Steps to Ensure Success

We evaluate and understand your needs to assess and bring clarity to your job requirements. 

We connect you with the right people with the right expertise that you won’t find elsewhere.

We onboard your new team member quickly and efficiently saving you time and resources.

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Cindi specializes in speaking on various business planning topics, including the changing HR laws and finding work/life balance. She is available to come to your office or next function.