Getting Hired

When you are looking for a job, sending your resume into job postings just isn’t enough anymore. Have you been applying to jobs and just not getting the reply you were hoping for?

According to a 2016 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report, 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process. That means that even if you have a great resume that gets seen by a recruiter, you still may not get to speak with anyone about the job. Let’s focus on your LinkedIn presence and offer a few recommendations that may help you get noticed more.

So what really catches a recruiter’s eye when they’re scrolling through your profile?

Don’t have a LinkedIn account? That could be a show stopper. LinkedIn is a free networking site, and it’s a great place to build a professional network and be “found." Don’t think because you are looking for part-time or remote work you shouldn’t be on LinkedIn. We even recommend that college students create a profile to include accomplishments, internships, work experience, etc.

Make sure to be thorough when creating your online presence. Your profile should match your resume. It doesn’t need to be as detailed, but should include your work experience, education, and accomplishments. Incomplete profiles make it more difficult to determine whether you’re the best match for the job. Also, make sure to use an email address that you check often. Recruiters will often reach out to you via LinkedIn directly or by using an inmail. These will show up in whatever email you specify when you create your profile.

Your profile photo makes the first impression. It should look professional and be representative of the job you are seeking. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so selfies and vacation photos are not the best choice. We’re not saying you need a professional headshot, but a polished, professional close up picture is best!

Recruiters often look at profiles to confirm information about a candidate. So when your dates of employment, job titles, or other facts are different on your profile than they are on your resume, a recruiter might worry about how detail-oriented you are, or if there’s reason to believe that you’re not being truthful.

Recruiters may also find your LinkedIn profile via a LinkedIn search or Google search instead. Google search results will typically include your location and the professional headline that appears under your name on your profile. Make the most of that headline by clarifying your industry and job function, and make sure that your location is accurate. Listing an obscure job title such as "Ninja" should be avoided because that is not a common word a recruiting professional may likely use in a candidate profile search.

As more recruiters use mobile devices, your copy should be easy to read on small screens. Use short paragraphs and bullet points so they can read your summary easily. It is critical to include keywords about your industry for easy searchability.

Recruiters will often go straight to LinkedIn to find good candidates. By making your job title and headline clear and accurate, you make it easier to be found. If your title has "ninja" in it, don’t expect a recruiter to try to figure out what you do.

Using the Open Candidates option in your LinkedIn settings lets you discreetly let recruiters know that you’re looking for a job.

For more tips and hints, check out a special section of our website that Innovative Outsourcing recruiting specialists have dedicated just for you! Your next great job is out there. Let's go find it!